Inglewood’s Original Beauty Hub since 2006

Georgie and her team have been Inglewood business locals since 2006. After being on the corner of Normanby and Beaufort, she has grown her business and team up in the place she fell in love with all those years ago. We caught up with Georgie to talk through her business and journey. Take 10 and have a read about Etain Hair Skin and Hair Clinic…

Hello, I am Georgie, owner of Etain.
I’m a massage therapist, reflexologist and creative who jumped into owning my own beauty salon back in 2006. Having a passion for whole body health, I felt combing beauty treatments with holistic therapies was a match made in heaven.

What is the business about?
Etain skin-health-body began in April 2006, I remember the day like it was yesterday.
Etain became a beauty, body and hair salon with a mission to make all treatments accessible to everyone. I believe the power of touch is an amazing tool to assist everyone and anyone. 

What is unique about your business?
I believe we have always been unique as we have continued to grow and evolve with the needs of our clients and community.
I never like being the same and always felt that every business needs to stand out from the crowd so with every decision made on whatever treatments we do or brands we stock the research is so very important.
At present I am so very proud to say that we are a fully Sustainable Salon, that carries Organic or Natural brands that we truly believe give back to the community.

Sustainability is a key objective and passion in Etain

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?
Just having a passion to assist the body to self-heal with the help of complementary therapies and combining that with beauty allows you to meet so many people and assist them however they need at that time in their lives.

Tell us about yourself – what is your background?
I’m originally from East London and began my journey into complementary therapy when I trained as a Reflexologist many moons ago. I then got the bug for learning and went onto train as a holistic massage therapist, which led me to LaStone  therapy (hot and cold stone massage). I loved it so much I went on to train as an Instructor in the UK and America. I brought LaStone Therapy to Australia in Feb 2004.  From there I taught all over Australia in Spas, Colleges, Salons and The Dermal Institute.  I still teach today by request and love it with a passion.

Why Inglewood and what were the reasons for choosing this area?
I was lucky enough to teach LaStone Therapy in Inglewood and totally fell in love with the area.  Inglewood felt like a second home.  I fell in love with the character houses and tree lined streets. 

Can you describe your customers?
Our customers are the most beautiful people and we all love coming to work and catching up on their next adventures or just chatting about the family.  We have made some great friends and they have followed us on our journeys and we love following them on theirs.  From finding their first job, getting married, having families and to now cutting their child’s hair, they are all a real joy to know.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
My passion to continually grow as a person, learn new things, make new friends and live life to the full.  I suffer from anxiety which at different stages in my life have left me quite incapacitated so when things are good, I take full advantage of life by stepping outside, taking that breath, and enjoying the freedom we take for granted.

What does a typical day look like for you? 
That’s a good one.  I am at present helping my husband in his business, running Etain and Studying Cosmetic Science, so each day can be very different. 

Funniest/most memorable client request?
I think being a massage therapist when I started out led me to become quite used to some very weird requests, I bet you can all guess what they were.  

What’s the most rewarding thing about running your own business? 
The most rewarding thing is working with all the amazing therapists and stylist I have met over the years of owning Etain. Etain would not exist without them, we have always been a real team and I am so proud of them all.  I love being part of their lives and have watched them grow, get married and now have families, it’s just awesome…  At present there is Sarah, Jessica, Kate and Stephanie and I adore them all and feel extremely lucky to have them all in my life.

What’s the smartest thing you did for the first year?
I can’t say I did anything smart in my first year, I was very green and had no idea how to run a business.  I was a massage/complementary therapist who just wanted to help people feel great.  I have learnt on the go and made many mistakes.

Best thing about working in Inglewood?
Being amongst some amazing small businesses and the Inglewood Community.

Favourite coffee haunt?!
Sugar and Nice, Marnee and her team are just awesome. Any excuse for a chai latte and a cinnamon scroll and I’m there…

Guilty pleasure?
Dark Chocolate, just love the richness of flavour and it goes so well with my favourite fruit Raspberries.

Etain Skin Hair and Beauty Logo

Shop 2 and 3, 890 Beaufort Street,
Inglewood 6052

Opening hours:
Sunday / Monday closed
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am – 5.30pm
Wednesday 9am – 8pm
Saturday 8am – 3pm


We have a new Favourite in Inglewood

Say whaaaat?! A concept store that promotes conscious shopping, positive body image and community driven living?  Of course we wanted to find out about the incredibly fierce ladies behind Favourite Daughter.

Favourite Daughters Scout and Finn

So, we dragged Scout and Finn away from ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ for 10 minutes to give us the low-down on what it’s like running their new store, Favourite Daughter.

What is the business about?

Favourite Daughter is the creation and collaboration of sisters Scout and Finlay Rayner. Favourite Daughter is a family owned and managed Activewear, Wellness and Lifestyle Boutique. The aim of our business is to design a place to promote conscious consumerism, sustainable living and positive relationships between ones self and their communities.

What is unique about your business?

Favourite Daughter combines activewear, lifestyle and wellness into one place. Our uniqueness lies in our encouragement of sustainable and community driven living. Sustainability and work ethics are important to us, so we seek as much as possible to use brands that embrace our philosophy and ideology.

How did you get your concept for the business?

Inglewood is a growing community hub, with a growing selection of fitness, yoga and pilates centres. We love working out and wearing activewear, but we found there is a lack of activewear available in our area. With our customer base having to rely on online shopping or driving to the other side of Perth we felt there was definitely a niche for what we offer. We are also super conscious of what skincare products we use and this is where the wellness side comes in. 

We were inspired to create a space to combine these passions and therefore Favourite Daughter only stocks cruelty free, organic and chemical free skincare products. And coupled with our hand selected pieces we are hoping our customers will curate a wardrobe full of consciously consumed pieces which have been bought and handled with care and love while simultaneously building the culture and vibe of our Inglewood community.

How did you decide on your brand name ‘Favourite Daughter’?

Well, our parents café, Finlay and Sons (across the road) is named after Finlay, so she gets asked a lot if she is the favourite daughter. We also get asked a lot if the next cafe will be named after Scout or our little sister Harper and when we started this venture we sat around joking, “are we going to call this one after the favourite daughter”. And well, that’s it.

Why Inglewood? What’s your story, tell us about yourselves?

Why not Inglewood!? 
You may have seen us around at Finlay and Sons, we have been in Inglewood for four years now and we love the incredible atmosphere of the community! A huge passion for the both of us is the growing lack of connectedness within “modern” neighbourhoods. Through Finlay and Sons, and now Favourite Daughter, we wish to extend the growing Inglewood Beaufort Street strip to create a hub for the community. There is a great energy in Inglewood with the creation of many new businesses in a range of fields so it is very exciting to be able to contribute to that.

Describe your ideal customer?

It is critical to our ethos and business concept that our store and products are inclusive. Our ideal customer covers a wide age bracket with pricing inclusive to both younger and more mature customers. The selection of our brands has been centred on the idea of promoting body positivity so you will find a wide range of sizes to fit all bodies in new and innovative styles and designs. Currently we will have only women’s products because we believe it’s important to create a safe space for women to feel confident and free from the male gaze. Don’t worry guys there could be a potential Favourite Son in the future!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Coffee at Finlay’s. 
Coffee at Finlay’s. 
Coffee at Finlays.
But also the idea that we can go to work and help people better their lives by feeling confident, strong and beautiful. A hugely motivating aspect is through stocking sustainable products and promoting conscious consumerism we hope to create a more meaningful shopping experience. 

All the skin care and wellness products that will be stocked are vegan, cruelty free, organic and with recycled packaging. By selecting only these products we wish to contribute to the reduction of harmful chemicals that are prevalent in the industry and instead promote natural wellness based products.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Scout: At the moment it’s a workout in the morning, a business meeting and coffee at Finlay’s and then the workday starts at Favourite Daughter. I love days when we get new products in and we put them into our system. Little Harper has been the best help! She unboxes things, organises them into sizes and then scans them for me while I enter the data into the system. Sorry Finn, but she does a better job than you!

Finlay: hahaha that’s fine, she does a good job. I’m also at uni at the moment studying Arts and Commerce, so most of my work gets done in the afternoon and I found working out at night is best for me. We do love working out together but our schedules at the moment don’t completely match up.

Most memorable facepalm moment?

Scout: Hitting myself in the face with a resistance band because I didn’t wrap it around my foot properly. 
Yes, I 100% cried.

What’s the most rewarding thing about running your own business?

The most rewarding aspect so far has been the ability to be creative and to work together as a family to make our vision come true.

What’s the smartest business hack you use?!

Use your community! The people we have met so far have helped us so much! From showing us the ins and outs of the fashion industry, helping us decide the best software and connecting us to more people.

Favourite coffee haunt?

Shoutout to Finlay and Sons no 917 (obviously). All business meetings are taken exclusively there. Even when we aren’t working we are there for an iced long black and soldier eggs.

Guilty pleasure?

CHOCOLATE ALMONDS and watching ‘Say Yes To the Dress’. Will she go with the sweetheart neckline or the a-line fit and flare!?
Will her mum not like it? 
Will this episode make us cry? 
Such suspense!

Favourite Daughter is open now!

Monday 12-8 (when the night markets are on) 
Tuesday -Sat 9-5
Sunday 9-1

Address: 908 Beaufort Street Inglewood 6052

Scout and Finn are having a welcome launch party on July 18th. A celebration of all their ‘Favourite’ things; drinks, nibbles and fashion.
We await the images of this now SOLD OUT event!

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